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    SI8000 Cell Motion Imaging System

    SI8000 cell motion imaging system

    The Sony SI8000 Live Cell Imaging System quantifies cellular motion in a noninvasive label-free environment. Leveraging Sony expertise and patented imaging technologies, the SI8000 uses high speed video imaging with a unique motion vector analysis algorithm to capture the motion of cells with high temporal and spatial fidelity. These technologies and knowhow deliver results that offer greater depth and precision.

    Using the integrated phase contrast microscope and stage top incubator, cells can be visualized in a humidity and climate controlled environment. High-resolution data including high speed cardiomyocyte contractility, and cellular migration, is captured by the system.

    Unlike other systems where motion is inferred from impedance or electrophysiological measures, the SI8000 records actual cellular motion, delivering more precise information that is less susceptible to false negatives and false positives.