SI8000 Cell Motion Imaging System

SI8000 cell motion imaging system

The Sony SI8000 Live Cell Imaging System detects and quantifies cellular motion using proprietary video processing technology. Data is captured with a high-performance video camera and evaluated in a stain free, noninvasive label-free environment. Observation is possible on standard culture plates used in the lab to maintain the physiological environment of cell cultures. Cell behavior and evaluation can be realized without staining.

The system’s core technology uses high speed video imaging with a unique motion vector software to capture the motion of cells with high temporal and spatial fidelity. Motion detection points can be set by the user to capture the characteristics of moving images. Once captured, the software analyzes how each detection point moves in the movie and displays it as a motion vector. Unlike other systems where motion is inferred from impedance or electrophysiological measures, the SI8000 records actual cellular motion, delivering more precise information that is less susceptible to false negatives and false positives.

The system is available in Cardio and Research models. The Cardio model enables quantification of cardiomyocytes using contraction and relaxation speed, average deformation distance, as well as contraction and relaxation duration. The Research model enables observation of live cell behaviors for a broad spectrum of applications such as viability and migration assays. Each model is available in basic or full configurations.