SH800S Cell Sorter

Biosafety Cabinet

biosafety cabinet

The BCC300AMS Class II biosafety cabinet custom designed for SH800S by the Baker Company is available as an option to provide personnel and product protection. The cabinet measures 118 cm (W) x 99.1 cm (D) x 224 cm (H).

Biosafety Safety Standards Compliance

The cabinet was tested by The Baker Company using microbiological assays with the SH800S sorter inside the work area. The testing concluded that the biosafety cabinet with the SH800S inside met several international biosafety standards including the National Sanitation Foundation Standard 49 (NSF49), and the European Standard 12469.

Built-in Aerosol Management

The cabinet incorporates a built-in aerosol management system which operates independently to actively evacuate aerosols from the sort collection chamber. The dual routes of aerosol evacuation ensure maximum personnel protection.

E-Beam sterilized consumables

E-Beam Sterilized Consumables

For applications in which cross-contamination between samples or external biological entities are a factor, optional e-beam sterilized consumables including chip, setup beads, and sample lines can be used to streamline workflow.

Exchangable Sample Fluidics

The SH800S sorting chip is an integrated flow cell/nozzle assembly. It contains microfluidic channels for controlling the flow of sample and sheath fluid. Within the chip, the sample is interrogated by the lasers before it passes through the nozzle for sorting.

Easy Installation

Chip installation and removal are quick and easy to reduce the downtime associated with changing nozzles during setup and removal of clogs. The chip and the PEEK sample line-chip connector assembly, which come in contact with the sample, are fully disposable. This gives researchers the option to change out the sample fluidics path if needed.

versatile application support

Versatile Application Support

The SH800S offers 70 μm, 100 μm and 130 μm microfluidic sorting chips to permit the sorting of a wide range of cell sizes and applications.

Sort Deposition System

96-well plate holder

Sort Deposition System

The optional Sort Deposition System facilitates high-throughput sorting and precise deposition of cells into 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well plates or PCR plates.

Index Sorting Software

Index sorting software records the X and Y coordinates of each event sorted into a multi-well device. This feature allows researchers to track the scatter and fluorescence intensity of individual cells sorted in each well.

index sorting software

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Gates and Statistics
Name Events %Parent %Total
AllEvents 96 0.00% 100.00%
A 95 98.96% 98.96%
B 95 100.00% 98.96%
EGFP+ 95 100.00% 98.96%

Single cells sorted into a 96-well plate.