SH800S Cell Sorter

Resolution and Sensitivity

A. Fluorescence sensitivity MESF values measured using Spherotech® 8 peak-beads are: FITC 120 and PE 110. B. Fluorescence resolution was measured using propidium iodide (PI) stained chicken erythrocyte nuclei (CEN). A coefficient of variation of <2.5% was observed for the G0/G1 peak.

resolution and sensitivity

Immunophenotyping Assays

Distinct resolution of multicolor samples is seen with a four laser SH800S system. A. Normal human blood was stained with CD3 Alexa Fluor® 488, CD4-PECy7, CD8 Alexa Fluor® 700, CD19 APC, CD16+CD56, PE and HLA-DR BV421. All plots were gated on lymphocytes. B. High-purity sorting of the regulatory T cells (CD3+ CD4+ CD25 high CD127-) population.

iImmunophenotyping assays

Gates and Statistics

Immunophenotyping Assays
Name Events %Parent %Total

All Events

30,000 0.00% 100%


18,067 60.22% 60.22%


9,181 50.82%  30.60%


602  6.56%  2.01%

Fluorescent Protein Analysis

Human cell lines co-expressing GFP, YFP, dsRed and CFP using the fluorescent protein optical filters are shown. Refer to the filter guides for the fluorescent protein filter sets.

fluorescent protein analysis

Sorting and Viability Analysis

These plots show a sorting and viability analysis of differentiating mouse embryonic stem cells expressing Isl1Cre-tdTomato. Analysis of the tdTomato (+) purified population is shown. the inset image (E) shows cells in culture 24 hours post sorting.

sorting and viability analysis

Small Particle Resolution

High-speed sorting of E.coli using a 70-µm sorting sample of cells was sorted at a threshold event rate of 30,000 events/sec at a sort setting of 50 kHz and 40 psi. Post-sort analysis shows that >95% purity was obtained.

small particle resolution