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Genetics and Synthetic Biology

  1. Intraindividual dynamics of transcriptome and genome-wide stability of DNA methylation
    R. Furukawa, T. Hachiya, H. Ohmomo, Y. Shiwa, K. Ono, S. Suzuki, M. Satoh, J. Hitomi, K. Sobue and A. Shimizu
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  6. Adjustment of Cell-Type Composition Minimizes Systematic Bias in Blood DNA Methylation Profiles Derived by DNA Collection Protocols
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  7. Analysis of unique mutations in the LPAR6 gene identified in a Japanese family with autosomal recessive woolly hair/hypotrichosis: Establishment of a useful assay system for LPA6
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  8. Specific dephosphorylation at tyr-554 of git1 by ptprz promotes its association with paxillin and hic-5
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  9. Protein engineering of Cas9 for enhanced function
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Cancer and Cell Biology

  1. Endothelial cell-selective adhesion molecule expression in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells is essential for erythropoiesis recovery after bone marrow injury
    T. Sudo, T. Yokota, D. Okuzaki, T. Ueda, M. Ichii, T. Ishibashi, T. Isono, Y. Habuchi, K. Oritani and Y. Kanakura
  2. Oncolytic activity of a recombinant measles virus, blind to signaling lymphocyte activation molecule, against colorectal cancer cells
    Y. Amagai, T. Fujiyuki, M. Yoneda, K. Shoji, Y. Furukawa, H. Sato and C. Kai
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  3. Haspin has multiple functions in the plant cell division regulatory network
    E. Kozgunova, T. Suzuki, M. Ito, T. Higashiyama and D. Kurihara
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  4. Left-right asymmetric cell intercalation drives directional collective cell movement in epithelial morphogenesis
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  6. A recursive vesicle-based model protocell with a primitive model cell cycle
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  7. Transforming growth factor-β signaling enhancement by long-term exposure to hypoxia in a tumor microenvironment composed of Lewis lung carcinoma cells
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  10. An individual based computational model of intestinal crypt fission and its application to predicting unrestrictive growth of the intestinal epithelium
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  11. Tetraspanin CD9 determines invasiveness and tumorigenicity of human breast cancer cells
    G. Rappa, T. M. Green, J. Karbanová, D. Corbeil and A. Lorico
    Oncotarget 6:7970-7991, 2015[]=3419&pubmed-linkout=1

    Generation of brain microvascular endothelial-like cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells by co-culture with C6 glioma cells
    H. Minami, K. Tashiro, A. Okada, N. Hirata, T. Yamaguchi, K. Takayama, H. Mizuguchi and K. Kawabata
    PLOS ONE 10:e0128890, 2015

  12. F-box protein FBXW7 inhibits cancer metastasis in a non-cell-autonomous manner
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  14. Precardiac deletion of Numb and Numblike reveals renewal of cardiac progenitors
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  16. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptors of cattle aggregate on the surface of gonadotrophs and are increased by elevated GnRH concentrations
    H. Kadokawa, K. Pandey, A. Nahar, U. Nakamura and F. O. Rudolf
    Animal Reproduction Science 150:84-95, 2014
  17. Direct human mitochondrial transfer: a novel concept based on the endosymbiotic theory
    T. Kitani, D. Kami, T. Kawasaki, M. Nakata, S. Matoba and S. Gojo
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Immunology and Stem Cell Biology

  1. Laminin regulates PDGFRβ+ cell stemness and muscle development
    Y. Yao, E. H. Norris, C. Mason and S. Strickland
    Nature Communications 7:11415, 2016
  2. Role of PU.1 in MHC class II expression via CIITA transcription in plasmacytoid dendritic cells
    R. Miura, K. Kasakura, N. Nakano, M. Hara, K. Maeda, K. Okumura, H. Ogawa, T. Yashiro and C. Nishiyama
  3. Rat blastocysts from nuclear injection and time-lagged enucleation and their commitment to embryonic stem cells
    H. Hara, T. Goto, A. Takizawa, M. Sanbo, H. J. Jacob, T. Kobayashi, H. Nakauchi, S. Hochi and M. Hirabayashi
    Cellular Reprogramming 18:108-115, 2016
  4. Therapeutically engineered induced neural stem cells are tumour-homing and inhibit progression of glioblastoma
    J. R. Bagó, A. Alfonso-Pecchio, O. Okolie, R. Dumitru, A. Rinkenbaugh, A. S. Baldwin, C. R. Miller, S. T. Magness and S. D. Hingtgen
    Nature Communications 7:10593, 2016
  5. Apoptosis inhibitor of macrophage protein enhances intraluminal debris clearance and ameliorates acute kidney injury in mice
    S. Arai, K. Kitada, T. Yamazaki, R. Takai, X. Zhang, Y. Tsugawa, R. Sugisawa, A. Matsumoto, M. Mori, Y. Yoshihara, K. Doi, N. Maehara, S. Kusunoki, A. Takahata, E. Noiri, Y. Suzuki, N. Yahagi, A. Nishiyama, L. Gunaratnam, T. Takano and T. Miyazaki
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  6. IL-7 signalling represses Bcl-6 and the TFH gene program
    P. W. McDonald, K. A. Read, C. E. Baker, A. E. Anderson, M. D. Powell, A. Ballesteros-Tato and K. J. Oestreich
    Nature Communications 7:10285, 2016
  7. The induction of human myeloid derived suppressor cells through hepatic stellate cells is dose-dependently inhibited by the tyrosine kinase inhibitors nilotinib, dasatinib and sorafenib, but not sunitinib
    A. Heine, J. Schilling, B. Grünwald, A. Krüger, H. Gevensleben, S. A. Held, N. Garbi, C. Kurts, P. Brossart, P. Knolle, L. Diehl and B. Höchst
    Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 65:273-282, 2016
  8. Chd5 regulates MuERV-L/MERVL expression in mouse embryonic stem cells via H3K27me3 modification and histone H3.1/H3.2
    M. Hayashi, K. Maehara, A. Harada, Y. Semba, K. Kudo, H. Takahashi, S. Oki, C. Meno, K. Ichiyanagi, K. Akashi and Y. Ohkawa
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  9. Innate-like function of memory Th17 cells for enhancing endotoxin-induced acute lung inflammation through IL-22
    R. Sakaguchi, S. Chikuma, T. Shichita, R. Morita, T. Sekiya, W. Ouyang, T. Ueda, H. Seki, H. Morisaki and A. Yoshimura
    International Immunology [Online published], 2015
  10. Differentiation of human ESCs to retinal ganglion cells using a CRISPR engineered reporter cell line
    V. M. Sluch, C. H. Davis, V. Ranganathan, J. M. Kerr, K. Krick, R. Martin, C. A. Berlinicke, N. Marsh-Armstrong, J. S. Diamond, H. Q. Mao and D. J. Zack
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  12. Activin A in combination with OP9 cells facilitates development of Flk-1+ PDGFRa− and Flk-1+ PDGFRa+ hematopoietic mesodermal cells from murine embryonic stem cells
    S. Hirota and M. Ogawa
    Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 467:583-588, 2015
  13. Liposomes loaded with a STING pathway ligand, cyclic di-GMP, enhance cancer immunotherapy against metastatic melanoma
    T. Nakamura, H. Miyabe, M. Hyodo, Y. Sato, Y. Hayakawa and H. Harashima
    Journal of Controlled Release 216:149-157, 2015
  14. Vascular-resident CD169-positive monocytes and macrophages control neutrophil accumulation in the kidney with ischemia-reperfusion injury
    K. Karasawa, K. Asano, S. Moriyama, M. Ushiki, M. Monya, M. Iida, E. Kuboki, H. Yagita, K. Uchida, K. Nitta and M. Tanaka
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  15. Expression of coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor separates hematopoietic and cardiac progenitor cells in fetal liver kinase 1-expressing mesoderm
    K. Tashiro, N. Hirata, A. Okada, T. Yamaguchi, K. Takayama, H. Mizuguchi and K. Kawabata
    Stem Cells Translational Medicine 4:424-436, 2015
  16. Intestinal CD169(+) macrophages initiate mucosal inflammation by secreting CCL8 that recruits inflammatory monocytes
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  17. MHC-matched induced pluripotent stem cells can attenuate cellular and humoral immune responses but are still susceptible to innate immunity in pigs
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  18. Prostaglandin E2 promotes post‐infarction cardiomyocyte replenishment by endogenous stem cells
    Y.‐C. Hsueh, J. M F Wu, C.‐K. Yu, K. K Wu and P. C. H. Hsieh
    EMBO Molecular Medicine 6:496-503, 2014
  19. Downregulation of PRRX1 confers cancer stem cell-like properties and predicts poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma
    H. Hirata, K. Sugimachi , Y. Takahashi, M. Ueda, S. Sakimura, R. Uchi, J. Kurashige, Y. Takano, S. Nanbara, H. Komatsu, T. Saito, Y. Shinden, T. Iguchi, H. Eguchi, K. Atsumi, K. Sakamoto, T. Doi, M. Hirakawa, H. Honda and K. Mimori
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  1. Negative regulation of DSS-induced experimental colitis by PILRα
    K. Kishida, M. Kohyama, Y. Kurashima, Y. Kogure, J. Wang, K. Hirayasu, T. Suenaga, H. Kiyono, J. Kunisawa and H. Arase
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  2. Microbial abundance in surface ice on the Greenland Ice Sheet
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  3. MtgA deletion-triggered cell enlargement of Escherichia coli for enhanced intracellular polyester accumulation
    R. Kadoya, K. Matsumoto, T. Ooi and S. Taguchi
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