ID7000™ Spectral Cell Analyzer

Instrument Specifications

ID7000 Cell Analyzer Specifications
Excitation lasers 320 nm, 355 nm, 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 637 nm, 808 nm
Detectors Photomultiplier tubes (32-channel PMTs, single-channel PMTs, and single-channel IR-sensitive PMTs)
Fluorescence sensitivity (molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome)* FITC ≤ 58 MESF; PE ≤ 4 MESF; APC ≤ 7 MESF
*Specifications listed are an average of data obtained from multiple systems.
Pulse parameter Area, Height, Width (all channels)
Signal resolution Height (20 bit), Area (32 bit)
Sampling frequency: 60 MHz
Detectable particle size 160 nm with SSC
Fluorescence resolution CV < 3% for the singlet peak of propidium iodide-stained Chicken Erythrocyte Nuclei (CEN)
Event rate 40,000 events per second
Sample flow rate ~33 μL/min–200 μL/min
Cleaning modes Priming, Probe Wash, Flow Cell Purge, Decontamination (with bleach), Hardware Shutdown (performed before system shutdown), Automatic Shutdown (programmed system shutdown after completion of Auto Acquisition)
System fluidics 10-L capacity Sheath Tank and 10-L Capacity Waste Tank Sheath fluid (distilled water or phosphate buffered saline)
System software
Software ID7000 Acquisition and Analysis Software
Supported file types exdat and FCS 3.1
Sample loading options Multiwell plates: 96-well plate: standard height flat/V/U bottom, 96-well half deep V bottom, 96-well deep U bottom, 384-well standard flat bottom

Tubes: 24-tube rack that accommodates 5-mL (12 x 75-mm) polystyrene/polypropylene tubes
Minimum sample volume* 5-mL tube: 100 µL in standard mode/50 µL in low-volume mode, 96-well plate: 55 µL in standard mode/10 µL in low-volume mode, 384-well plate: 40 µL in standard mode/10 µL in low-volume mode
*Minimum volumes provided for the sample vessel type are averages of data obtained from multiple experiments.
Carryover < 0.1% (when measured with inner and outer Probe Wash)
Throughput 96-well plate in 19 minutes (Based on an acquisition time of 2 seconds per well, no agitation, and no probe wash. The value reported is an average of multiple experiments.)
Sample agitation Multiple mixing modes: Once at the beginning of acquisition, Cyclic, or Continuous Mixing
Temperature control From ambient temperature to 4°C with a Peltier sample cooling module
Specifications Operating System: Windows® 10 Pro 64 bit
Processor: Intel® Xeon® 6248 2.5 GHz 20 Core
Memory: 256 GB DDR4
Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro P2200
Storage: 8TB x3 (RAID5:16TB) HDD
2 Ethernet ports
4 display ports
DVD disc drive
Facility requirements
Dimensions W: 41.7 in (106 cm) x D: 28.3 in (71.9 cm) x H: 29.9 in (76 cm)
Weight 463 lb (210 kg)
Power consumption 900 W (2 independent 450-W circuits)
Regulatory requirements
Class 1 Laser Product
For non-clinical Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures or for any other clinical purpose.
United States: Class A digital device
Canada: CAN ICES-3 (A)/NMB-3(A)
EU: EU Declaration of Conformity 2006/42/EC (Machinery); 2014/30/EU (EMC)

Instrument Specifications

Laser configurations

Laser configurations
Model No. of lasers, wavelength No. of detectors*
LE-ID7000A 3LD: 405/488/637 FSC/SSC + 86F
LE-ID7000B 4LD: 405/488/561/637 FSC/SSC + 112F
LE-ID7000C 5LD: 355/405/488/561/637 FSC/SSC + 147F
LE-ID7000D 6LD: 355/405/488/561/637/808 FSC/SSC + 149F
LE-ID7000E 6LD: 320/355/405/488/561/637 FSC/SSC + 182F
LE-ID7000F 7LD: 320/355/405/488/561/637/808 FSC/SSC + 184F

*F = fluorescence

For Research Use Only.
Class 1 Laser Product.