ID7000™ Spectral Cell Analyzer

Download Bead Lot File →

The ID7000 uses beads to QC for both alignment and performance. This is accomplished using align check and 8-peak beads. Although bead lots change frequently, the software you download below is kept up to date so you can use it for all bead lots we have previously released.

The Performance QC and Daily QC wizards displays your current Bead Lot Number.

If your beads do not match this number, you will need to follow this 4-step procedure to download and update your bead lot file.

  1. Download the current bead lot file from the link at the top of this page.
  2. Save the downloaded file to your desktop or convenient folder.
  3. Unzip/extract the compressed zip file.
  4. Start the ID7000 Software, go to the QC tab on the ribbon, and use the “Import Beads Lot File” button to select the bead lot file.