ID7000™ Spectral Cell Analyzer

Closeup photo of ID7000 cell analyzer with open AutoSampler cabinet

Designed for Automated Sample Acquisition

Automation is present across the workflow to simplify operation and ensure accurate results. To give scientists more efficiency in their day-to-day work, the ID7000 comes with an advanced, best-in-class AutoSampler, which supports 5-mL tube racks (24 tubes), 96-well standard height, 96-well half deep, and 96-well deep plates, and 384-well standard flat bottom plates. Samples can be cooled to 4°C (39°F) using a Peltier element to prevent signal degradation and reduce variability. The sample in the individual tubes or wells can be agitated at the beginning of acquisition, intermittently or continuously, enabling stable, long-duration acquisition without sample settling.

To ensure flexibility, the AutoSampler supports multiple wash options. A Dual Probe Wash option incorporates a cleansing mechanism that moves up and down to clean the inside and outside of the sample nozzle. Other wash options are available when speed of acquisition is the priority. The integration of intelligent software tools allows for management of bubbles and clogs, and integrated sensing mechanisms enable acquisition of critical samples at low volumes.

The AutoSampler is equipped with an extra loading station for added convenience. Up to three 5-mL tubes can be placed in the extra positions and used, for example, for loading QC particles to streamline system QC. Or, the wash and cleaning solutions can be loaded and the software programmed for the system to shut down automatically after acquisition is completed. This is invaluable for users performing multi-sample acquisitions that are time consuming.

id7000 plates: 384-well plate, 96-well plate, 96-deep-well plate, 24-position 5-mL tube rack

Loading Options

The ID7000 standard AutoSampler supports multiple loading options including a variety of 96-well and 384-well plates, as well as a 24-position tube rack for 12 x 75-mm (5-mL) tubes.

ID7000 AutoSampler detection modes graph

AutoSampler Agitation Modes

The ID7000 sample agitation feature is designed to keep large particles in suspension. The figure shows data with 30-µm particles when applying the initial mixing mode (Once) and the Cyclic mixing mode (Cyclic). It shows that the particles remain in suspension for 10 minutes when using the initial mixing mode, before there is an observed reduction in event rate. The Cyclic mixing mode, when used, continually mixes the sample throughout the entire acquisition, resulting in a consistent event rate with no settling.

ID7000 sample cooling over time graph

5-mL Tube Rack Sample Cooling Over Time

The graph above shows how sample temperature is maintained in the ID7000 AutoSampler when using a 24-position tube rack. Temperature measurement for tubes at multiple positions indicate that they maintain cooling over time when used in a 23°C ambient environment.

ID7000 AutoSampler extra tube station for automated workflows

AutoSampler Automated Workflows

The ID7000 AutoSampler includes an extra tube station that accommodates up to three 12 x 75-mm (5-mL) tubes that can be used to support automated QC, system cleaning, and automatic shutdown workflows.