FX500 Exchangeable Fluidics Cell Sorter


The BCC300 Class II biosafety cabinet is available as an option to provide both product and personnel protection. The cabinet measures 118 cm (W) x 99.1 cm (D) x 224 cm (H).

Researchers can choose models which have integrated aerosol management system for an extra level in operator protection.

Biosafety Standards Compliance

The cabinet was tested by The Baker Company with the FX500 sorter inside the work area. The testing validated that the biosafety cabinet with the FX500 inside meets the National Sanitation Foundation 49 Standard (NSF49), the European Standard 12469, and other international standards.

Built-in Aerosol Management

The cabinet incorporates a built-in aerosol management system which operates independently to actively evacuate aerosols from the sort collection chamber. The dual routes of aerosol evacuation provides additional operator protection.