FX500 Exchangeable Fluidics Cell Sorter


Automation from Set-up to Analysis

Patented CoreFinder technology, along with software and sensors, provides automation across the workflow from set up to shut down to ensure consistency, save time, and improve the accuracy of results.

Chip Loading and Positioning

System set-up begins by installing the sorting chip on the chip loader. Once the chip is loaded, the sheath, sample, and vacuum lines are automatically connected and sealed to their respective ports.


Microfluidics Sorting Chip

The chip is automatically aligned to the lasers and optimized during setup using the Sony patented Blu-ray™ technology for aligning and tracking laser position. On a daily basis, using AutoSetup beads, the X and Z positions of the chip are adjusted to ensure consistent results.

Automation for Droplet Calibration, Side Stream Calibration and Drop Delay Calibration

The droplets are automatically calibrated by adjusting the frequency and the drop drive to achieve an optimal break off point (BOP) for each type of sorting chip.

For side stream calibration the software automatically calculates the angle and the position of the side streams and makes adjustments for tube and plate sorting during setup. This ensures that the sort stream is centered in the collection tube automatically, without manual adjustment.

Drop delay calibration is accomplished using a dedicated laser and camera that perform automatic, real-time analysis of binary images of droplets containing AutoSetup beads. A patented algorithm calculates optimal drop delay by computing the relationship between bead positions and drop delay.


Easy-to-use software automates sort set up.


Automated Sort Monitoring

The software actively monitors and makes adjustments to the drop drive to maintain a stable breakoff point. This allows consistently good sort performance and clog detection to facilitate walk-away operation.