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    FX500 Exchangeable Fluidics Cell Sorter

    FX500 exchangeable fluidics cell sorter

    The FX500 is a microfluidics chip based cell sorter featuring a fully replaceable fluidics system. This lets researchers easily replace the entire fluidics path to control sample to sample carryover. The FX500 features comprehensive fluidics controls, advanced automation and easy to use software.

    Patented CoreFinder™ technology automates instrument setup and streamlines workflow. The optical design offers up to three collinear excitation lasers - 488 nm, 561 nm and 638 nm and six fluorescence detectors. The six free-form PMTs enable detection of fluorescence signals from any laser based on filter setting.

    The FX500 is for non-clinical research use only and is a Class 1 laser product.