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Droplet microfluidics has made a large impact in different applications ranging from analysis of DNA variants, to secretory biomolecules, to analysis of diverse cell types. However, to enrich individual variants of interest, researchers face challenges with high throughput screening and isolation of these emulsion droplets based on phenotypic expression. Integrative strategies that combine the sensitivity and precision of cell sorting with downstream single cell multiomic analysis are now being used to address these challenges.

Join our free educational webinar to learn how two scientific groups are using double emulsion droplets for high throughput multiomic profiling.

Key learning objectives

  • Hear how biological molecules or cells can be successfully encapsulated within double emulsion droplets for analysis of DNA variants and different cell types.
  • Understand how this droplet technology is used to analyze genomic regions edited using CRISPR-Cas9 and to analyze large DNA alterations in cancer and neurological diseases.
  • Learn how cell sorting can be used for high throughput analysis and precise isolation of droplet microreactors for multiomic profiling.


Who should attend

This webinar will provide insights to researchers who want to learn how gel-encapsulated microdroplets can be analyzed by high throughput droplet sorting for genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic profiling for diverse types of applications.



Photo of Marie MikkelsenDr. Marie Mikkelsen
Co-founder and CTO, Samplix
Photo of Kara BrowerKara Brower
PhD candidate, Stanford University