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Cell sorting is used for a wide range of applications, from profiling immune subsets to sorting cancer cells and screening CRISPR libraries, to purifying engineered microbes and enriching nuclei for single cell epigenomics. Regardless of the applications, key aspects such as instrument settings, sort parameters, and the quality of sample significantly influence the outcome of a sorting experiment. By using a streamlined approach for setting up a sorting experiment and understanding the parameters that influence the sort, researchers can achieve optimal results every time.

Join this webinar to learn about the challenges seen with sorting yeast, large cells, and immune cell subsets, and best practices for pursuing a streamlined approach for achieving your desired sort outcomes every time.

In this webinar, you will also:

  • Understand the challenges of sorting different cell sizes—yeast, large cells, and immune cell subsets
  • Identify the key considerations when setting up these sorting experiments, with a focus on optimizing sample prep and sort parameters
  • Review how the MA900 cell sorter enables an automated streamlined workflow for sort setup of multiple applications


Who should attend

This webinar will provide insights to researchers who are new to sorting or who want to learn more about how to set up sorting applications in the areas of cell biology, immunology, and microbiology.



Deena Soni, PhD, Global Marketing Manager
Sony Biotechnology Inc.
Miro Koulnis, PhD, Sr. Application Scientist
Sony Biotechnology Inc.