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  • Easy-To-Use, Automated Cleaning on the MA900 for Sorting in Multi-User Labs

    20 May 2019

    Learn how the automated cleaning function of the MA900 Multi-Application Cell Sorter saves time and reduces errors for multi-user labs.


  • Engineering New Functionality into Cas9

    01 May 2019

    David Savage's laboratory uses progressive cell sorting of large libraries to allosterically engineer protein biosensors and direct the genome editing activity of Cas9. Second in a series of real-world applications for the Sony SH800 cell sorter.


  • Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Show Potential for Autologous Stem Cell Therapies

    22 Apr 2019

    A study of porcine iPS cells in an SLA-matched setting is a possible robust model for transplantation of human iPS cells in an HLA-matched setting. The Sony SH800 was used to perform the NK mediated cytotoxicity assay.


  • Modeling Cardiac Abnormalities in Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes

    07 Feb 2019

    Learn how a developmental cell biology lab combined single-cell sorting with RNA sequencing to accelerate stem cell maturation and model cardiac abnormalities. This is the first in our profile series of real-world applications for the Sony SH800 cell sorter.


  • Similar but not the same - Genome sequencing of sorted single cells

    09 Nov 2017

    Learn how the Sony SH800S cell sorter supports gene expression profiling to purify phenotypically similar cell populations in bulk.


  • Detection of in vivo cell movement by flow cytometry

    16 Oct 2017

    Researchers used spectral flow cytometry and fluorescent proteins to capture both movement and interactions of immune cells in live mice.


  • Gaining an edge – taking advantage of novel fluorescent proteins with Flow Cytometry

    18 Sep 2017

    Placing several fluorescent proteins together in a flow cytometry panel offers greater power and capability for experiments. However, handling autofluorescent signal with fluorescent proteins is out of reach for conventional flow cytometetry users. Sony spectral flow cytometry analyzers enable researchers to harness up to five near infra-red fluorescent proteins in a single experiment. Moreover, spectral technology lets users accurately identify autofluorescence, and eliminate it if needed.


  • Five ways to save money on antibodies for flow cytometry

    11 Aug 2017

    Learn tips from the field for managing the costs of antibodies for flow cytometry.


  • Four reasons to put bacteria into your cell sorter

    27 Jul 2017

    Bacteria such as E. coli are popular model systems for engineering and production of modified proteins. Yet the idea of putting bacteria in a cell sorter conjures unwelcome images. Take heart, the Sony SH800 cell sorter, simplifies decontamination by quickly and easily letting researchers replace key components that come in contact with the sample. Here are some examples, and publication citations.


  • Will small amounts of preservative kill my cells?

    11 Jul 2017

    Most commercially available antibodies contain small amounts of preservatives such as sodium azide to prevent microbial growth. However, sodium azide is also toxic to mammalian cells as it inhibits cellular respiration. Actual toxicity varies by cell type with neuronal cells being most sensitive. Toxicity is concentration, time, and temperature dependent. For most cell sorting experiments the health of cells are not impacted because the antibody is diluted and cells are typically incubated on ice for less than one hour.