Multi-user laboratories sort a variety of cells, which demands flexibility in a sorter’s optical design. Previously, the only approach to address this was to purchase a system preconfigured with multiple parameters across many lasers. Though many fluorescence channels in such a flow cytometer might not be used simultaneously, labs could change their panel design without having to reconfigure or upgrade their instrument for each application.


Multi-Application Flexibility

The MA900 is the first cell sorter to offer an affordable option to labs that need flexible detection capability. This system is configured with 4 lasers (488 nm, 405 nm, 561 nm, and 638 nm), allowing detection of 12 fluorescence and 2 scatter parameters. A unique optics design features a free-form photomultiplier tube (PMT) array for detection of fluorescence signals, based on filter selection. The PMT arrays are configured into two groups, with a five-PMT array combined with the first beam spot and a seven-PMT array combined with the second beam spot (Figure 1).

Free-form PMT layout of the MA900 cell sorter.
Figure 1. Free-form PMT layout of the MA900 cell sorter.

This free-form PMT layout provides flexible panel setup. For example, a 12-color panel consisting of fluorochromes excited by the 405-nm laser (BV421, BV510, BV570, and BV605) and 638-nm laser (APC, Alexa Fluor® 700 and APC/Fire™ 750) can be analyzed using the MA900F configuration (Figure 2, Panel A).

If an alternate panel requires replacing APC, Alexa Fluor® 700, and APC/Fire 750 fluorochromes with BV650, BV711, and BV750 fluorochromes, users can easily do so on the same MA900 configuration without reconfiguring the violet laser channels on the instrument (Figure 2, Panel B).

A free-form PMT layout enables analysis of different panels using the same optics.
Figure 2. A free-form PMT layout enables analysis of different panels using the same optics.

The MA900 cell sorter’s free-form PMT layout allows labs to set up a variety of panels without time-consuming changes in the optics.

With the highest level of automation available on any cell sorter, the MA900 uses sensors, software, and engineering know-how across the workflow from startup to aseptic cleaning, QC, and sort setup. Intelligent automation dramatically simplifies operation and streamlines troubleshooting. Easy-to-use software wizards for system cleaning offers flexibility for multi-user labs performing sorting.



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