About Sony Biotechnology

  • A Message from Sony Biotechnology Regarding the COVID-19 Situation

    30 Mar 2020

    Sony Biotechnology is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation across the globe. Our first priority is to ensure the health and safety of our employees in affected areas around the world. We are reviewing guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), government agencies, and health officials in a variety of affected countries. During this evolving situation, we will continue to meet the current demand for our products and solutions. Our focus is to maintain the highest level of service and support to you, our valued customers, as we operate under the current circumstances. For questions related to support and maintenance, including how to store your Sony flow cytometer for an extended period, please reach out to our technical support team. We will continue our close monitoring during these challenging times and will keep customers informed of any meaningful changes as the situation evolves.


  • Webinar: Fundamentals of Advanced Spectral Cell Analysis Using the New ID7000™ System

    26 Mar 2020

    Learn how to take multicolor flow cytometry to the next level with spectral cell analysis based on examples from the new ID7000 spectral cell analyzer.


  • Webinar: Best Practices for Choosing a Method for Single Cell Genomic Analysis

    05 Mar 2020

    Join this free webinar on best practices for studying biological systems at the single cell level by reviewing the experiment workflow from sample processing to sequencing and data analysis.


  • Allergic Inflammation: Cell Signaling and Epigenetic Mechanisms Underpinning Inflammatory Responses

    28 Jan 2020

    As the global prevalence of allergic inflammation continues to rise, efforts towards discovery of novel therapeutic modalities are very significant. Canadian immunologist Dr. MacNeil and his team pursue this using flow cytometry to identify the mechanism of allergy induced inflammation. Using the Sony SH800 cell sorter, Dr. MacNeil's lab sorts hematopoetic stem cells for immune profiling of the activated mast cell population. Individual cells from this population are sorted into a 96-well plate— for studying genetic and epigenetic basis of allergic response.


  • Webinar: Spectral Flow Cytometry for Deeper Insights

    21 Jan 2020

    Join us in this educational webinar to review the basic principles of spectral flow cytometry and understand how users of all expertise levels can easily design panels for high-parameter experiments to achieve a greater depth of information. This webinar will highlight how spectrally adjacent fluorochromes, fluorescent proteins, and fluorochromes excited by multiple lasers can be easily incorporated into a panel when using Sony spectral systems.


  • Webinar: Combinatorial Indexing: A High-Throughput Scalable Approach for Exploring Single-Cell Epigenomics

    02 Dec 2019

    Join our free educational webinar to learn from an eminent researcher how Single-Cell Combinatorial Indexing (SCI) can be used for assessment of the open chromatin landscape of single cells.


  • Webinar: An Accelerated Discovery Pipeline for Antiviral Antibody Therapeutics

    24 Oct 2019

    Learn how researchers have implemented accelerated discovery and validation of potent therapeutic mAbs using an integrated pipeline technology combining flow cytometry, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, and high-throughput analysis.


  • Webinar: Multi-omics Approach to Understanding PD-L1 Resistance in Cancer

    15 Oct 2019

    Join this free webinar to learn how researchers are integrating cell sorting, RNA sequencing, ex-vivo phenotype profiling, and patient-derived xenografts to study the mechanisms of PD-L1 resistance in cancer.


  • Webinar: Cell Sorting Best Practices from the Experts

    30 Sep 2019

    Join Flow Cytometry Lab Directors – Peter Lopez and Rui Gardner for this Best Practices Webinar on how to achieve optimal results from cell sorting.


  • Sorting a 12-Color Immunophenotyping Panel with the MA900 Cell Sorter

    16 Sep 2019

    See the results of sorting a 12-color immunophenotyping panel for T-cell, B-cell, NK-cell, and monocyte subsets using the MA900 cell sorter. Learn more about how 4 lasers, 12 fluorescence parameters, and 4-way sorting can dramatically simplify operation to make sorting less subjective and improve reliability.