Our webinar series highlights scientific topics across disciplines and methodologies where flow cytometry can support research and discovery.

Spectral Flow Cytometry Webinar Series

Spectral Cytometry Software Workflows and Tools that Enable Multiparametric Flow Cytometry

Speaker: Vendula Sinkorova
Get to know the software and hardware of the new ID7000 spectral analyzer. Watch Now →

Panel Design Considerations for Spectral Flow Cytometry

Speaker: Jerry Barnhart
Explore the essential considerations when designing multicolor panels for use on the ID7000™ spectral cell analyzer. Watch Now →

Fundamentals of Advanced Spectral Cell Analysis Using the New ID7000™ System

Speaker: Jeff Clapper
Learn how to take multicolor flow cytometry to the next level with spectral cell analysis. Watch Now →

Spectral Flow Cytometry for Deeper Insights

Speaker: Dr. Greg Veltri
Learn about spectral flow cytometry and how to develop panels for maximum flexibility in routine applications and high-parameter experiments. Watch Now →

Cell Sorting Webinar Series

Sample Preparation and Enrichment for Single-cell Sequencing Assays

Speaker: Nicole Abreu, PhD
Understand sample requirements and basic optimization steps for single-cell assays. Watch Now →

Cell Sorting for Multiple Applications—How to Optimize Your Sort Setup

Speakers: Deena Soni, PhD and Miro Koulnis, PhD
Learn how to set up sorting applications in the areas of cell biology, immunology, and microbiology. Watch Now →

Using Double Emulsion Droplet Sorting—Strategies and Applications for Multiomic Profiling

Speakers: Dr. Marie Mikkelsen and Kara Brower
Learn how cell sorting can be integrated into workflows for multiomic analysis of double emulsion microdroplets. Watch Now →

From B cells to yeast—diverse approaches to rapid discovery of COVID-19 therapeutic antibodies

Speakers: Naveen Suryadevara, PhD and Alon Wellner, PhD
Learn about the approaches used by two scientific groups who have accelerated antibody discovery with these pipeline technologies. Watch Now →

Adapting to succeed—perspectives from leaders in industry and academia using flow cytometry for COVID-19 research

Speakers: Frederic Leduc, Jeff Milush, Patricia Rogers
Join our panel discussion on how research labs are adapting to support COVID-19 research and learn about flow cytometry approaches used for studying COVID-19 immunopathology. Watch Now →

Uncovering Cell Type-specific Gene Regulation in Mammalian Tissues using Single Cell Genomics

Speaker: Sebastian Preissl, Ph.D
Learn about the latest approaches in single nucleus transcriptomics and ATAC-Seq, and how they can be used on flash-frozen primary human and mouse tissues to decipher tissue-specific epigenetic regulation. Watch Now →

From Large Cells to Nuclei—Key Considerations for Everyday Sorting Applications

Speaker: Miro Koulnis, Ph.D.
Learn about key considerations for setting up sorting experiments with a focus on optimizing sample prep, instrument parameters, and post sort analysis.Watch Now →

Best Practices for Choosing a Method for Single Cell Genomic Analysis

Speaker: Maurizio Morri, PhD
Learn how to choose the right method for your study by reviewing the experiment workflow from sample processing to sequencing and data analysis Watch Now →

Combinatorial Indexing: A High-Throughput Scalable Approach for Exploring Single-Cell Epigenomics

Speaker: Andrew Adey, PhD.
Learn how to optimize and deploy Single-Cell Combinatorial Indexing to profile cells from different tissue types. Watch Now →

An Accelerated Discovery Pipeline for Antiviral Antibody Therapeutics

Speakers: Dr. Robert Carnahan and Dr. Pavlo Gilchuk
Learn how researchers are accelerating discovery and validation of potent therapeutic mAbs using an integrated pipeline technology combining flow cytometry, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, and high-throughput analysis. Watch Now →

Multi-omics Approach to Understanding PD-L1 Resistance in Cancer

Speakers: Moshe Sade Feldman (PhD) and Russell Jenkins (MD, PhD)
Learn how researchers are integrating cell sorting, RNA sequencing, ex-vivo phenotype profiling, and patient-derived xenografts to study the mechanisms of PD-L1 resistance in cancer. Watch Now →

Cell Sorting Best Practices from the Experts

Speakers: Peter Lopez and Dr. Rui Gardner
Join Flow Cytometry Lab Directors Peter Lopez and Rui Gardner for this Best Practices Webinar on how to achieve optimal results from cell sorting. Watch Now →

Sample Preparation and Cell Isolation for Multiplexed, Single-Cell Sequencing Analysis

Speakers: Cole Jones (10x Genomics) and Deena Soni, PhD. (Sony Biotechnology)
Learn how to optimize sample preparation and obtain quality data from a multiplexed, single-cell sequencing assay. Watch Now →