Annual service agreements for Sony Biotechnology instrumentation include preventative maintenance inspection, software revisions, and unlimited telephone support for both instrument and software.

In addition, should service engineers determine that an on-site service visit is needed, (off cycle from preventative maintenance) we make every effort to schedule a qualified engineer to arrive on-site within 72 hours of dispatch. Your annual service coverage includes the cost of parts, travel and labor for these on-site support visits. Please note that consumables* are not included in maintenance service agreements.

Contacting Service

In the USA you can reach Service Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST.
Phone: 800.275.5963, select 2.
In Europe please email us at
In China please email us at

Preventative Maintenance - Responsibilities for Instrument Care

Customers are expected to perform routine preventative maintenance to ensure the instrument is working optimally. At installation your Field Application Specialist (FAS) will train you on daily, weekly and monthly maintenance duties and best practices. Some of the routine maintenance activities include systematic cleans, fluidic filter maintenance, sample line exchange, camera window maintenance and general cleaning technique.

*Consumables include but are not limited to: sorting chips, cleaning chips, sheath filters, hydrophobic air-filters, optical filters, sample collection cassettes, sample loading cassettes,sheath tanks, rinse and waste tanks, O-rings, sample lines, fluidic fittings, fluorescent particles (beads) or other quality control (QC) products, sheath fluid.