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SP6800 Spectral Analyzer
Spectral Analysis

SP6800 Cell Analyzer
SP6800 Spectral Analyzer
  • Spectral analysis technology optimizes sensitivity while simplifying application design and workflow.
  • Enhances dim signal detection for better visualization of rare populations, fluorescent proteins and fluorochromes excited by multiple lasers.
  • Incorporates advanced electronics, patented optical technologies, and automated quality control for greater stability.
  • Easy to use software features automated alignment and laser delay via set up wizards, easy acquisition with simplified voltage settings and flexible analysis that enables populations to be gated or seen spectrally to ensure accuracy.

The Sony SP6800 Spectral Analyzer uses spectral technology to optimize sensitivity and enhance dim signal detection by collecting photons from 420nm to 800nm. Spectral technology also simplifies multicolor panel design, by eliminating band-pass filters and conventional compensation matrices to allow greater flexibility.

Spectral unmixing makes analysis simpler and easier by separating individual spectral fingerprints to allow scientists to better visualize their data. This delivers a more comprehensive picture to see rare populations and decreases the complexities associated with working with fluorescent proteins and multi laser excited fluorochromes.

Advanced electronics and patented optical technologies bring simplicity to Spectral Analysis workflows. Sony’s patented FlowPointTM core stability and tracking system and automated QC ensure the highest resolution possible of target populations.